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Liat Badanjo

Pradeep Gairola

“I feel great to show you real and complete yoga!”

Pradeep Gairola is a great Yoga instructor from Rishikesh (the city of yoga) India, invited by Body & Soul Yoga to China. He has been practicing yoga since very little. Before he came to Body & Soul Shanghai, he taught yoga in Sheetal Paramedical Institute Rishikesh, VEDNIKETAN Rishikesh India and a few resorts and hotels of Rishikesh India.
Pradeep teaches ashtanga yoga, hatha yoga, power yoga, vinyasa yoga, iyengaryoga, hot yoga, kriya yoga, meditation and pranayama.
He also treats yoga as a therapy. Pradeep has a diploma in yoga Sadhana course from PARMARTH NIKETAN Rishikesh India.
He also has a yoga teacher training course certificate & Yoga Sadhana Course certificate from Devbhoomi International Spiritual Yoga and Naturopath ResearchCentre.
Pradeep has 3 years' diploma in yogic science and naturopath.
He has done senior secondary from I.G.N.O.U. (Indra Gandhi National OpenUniversity Delhi Board).
Cana Zhang

Cana Zhang

Before teaching yoga, Cana graduated as an art teacher from the music department in university. Cana has been practising yoga for 6 years since 2002, and tought yoga since 2005. Day by day, she built up her own clear and natural style.

Students love her class for the perfect combination of power and flexibility.

Trained by several famous international senior instructors, Cana learned a lot, and

  improved herself during her teaching experience as well.

"After 6-year of practising Yoga is a necessarity for me now. Yoga helps me not only to keep my body in shape, but also helps me to understand my soul. Yoga is indeed a kind of philosophy; it gives us a fit figure as well as a calm mind."--Cana
Liat Badanjo
  Liat Badanjo

Nationality: Israeli

Training & Background:
RYT 200 through Yoga Alliance
K.R.I certificate and registration through the IKYTA
IAYT (Intl Association of Yoga Therapists) Professional membership
“Yoga for the special child”- program practitioner
“Tibetan Yoga”- Completion of second series
“RCYP”- Completion of first level

Styles: Power & Hatha Vinyasa (classes& workshops)
Liat's vinyasa classes for adults are creative, diverse, challenging and inspiring; using a philosophy that incorporates the “8 limbs” as an integral part of the practice, she emphasizing breath and mindfulness whilst practicing. From an early age, Liat became involved in body and mind training, practicing gymnastic and modern dance. Her classes emphasize the therapeutic aspects of classic yoga. Students are encouraged to explore their own vast potential, with the yoga mat serving as an allegory for their “life mat”, as Liat shares her insight from her dedicated practice as well as knowledge gained from her study of the most spiritual path of yoga by Yogi Bhajan.

She has continued her yoga practice since late the 90's and has been teaching since 2006. During her time living in Shanghai, China she has had the opportunity to study with some of the world's leading Yoga teachers.

Creator / Founder of:

Liat's interest in working with special needs children led her to become a teacher at schools that integrate children with special needs into their systems. Soon, she began incorporating her yogi knowledge and personal experience into her curriculum at these schools and it was here that she began developing a program for teaching yoga to children, which she called Sun Sun Yoga.
Liat conducts courses around Asia for yoga teachers who are interested in teaching her Sun Sun Yoga program to children world wide. The publication of her teacher's manual for the program has awarded her with a professional membership and recognition with the Intl Association of Yoga Therapists. She became an active member and began teaching yoga to children with special needs with a step-by-step, integrated system of Yoga poses designed to improve cognitive and motor skills in children with learning and developmental disabilities.
Working in Shanghai:
3 famous international yoga studios, 3 years continues yogi group of kids and adults in Green- Valley Hongqiao area.

Louiza Brose

Louiza graduated from the Free University of Berlin. She has been practicing Yoga for about 8 years. She got systemic yoga training on Hatha-Yoga, Meditation and Autogenously training from the Bund der yoga vidya lehrer e.v. located in Frankfurt Germany. In 2003 Louiza got her Yoga-trainer license. Since then she has taught Yoga in several fitness and Yoga studios in Berlin.

  Louiza's TC
Languages: English, German, Russian, French, Chinese (basic)
Louiza is also good at dance (Salsa, Tango Argentina), music (Piano, Vocal).

Do you have Waist/Back/Neck/Shoulder Pain? Release It With Yoga!

Feel even more pain in your waist spine, back, neck spine and shoulder? Air-conditions make you notice that you have spine and muscle problems because of working all the time?

If your sleeping quality is going down, your stomach gets more and more frequently sick then you definitely have to work on your health. Maybe you have already tried different ways to help yourself.

Yoga is a way to build up your body and mind back into balance.

Teachers at Body & Soul are very experienced to remove the pain in your waist, back, neck and shoulder.


Jing an

Changhua Studio:
1002, 10th floor,
Shenyin Developement buiding #1,
327 Wuding road,
Jing An district, Shanghai
Tel:+8621 5213 8366

Pudong / Lujiazui

Lujiazui Studio:
2381, 38th floor, tower 2,
Ruiyuan building,
3rd Pudong Avenue,
Lujiazui, Pudong district, Shanghai. Tel:+8621 5010 6269

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