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Yoga, The Way to Lose Weight Healthily

Hatha Yoga is to breathe yogaly when practicing postures

Yoga is a lifestyle

Yoga Knowledge

The Story of Pacific Garden

The Story of Samoy Road


Yoga, The Way to Lose Weight Healthily

Most of the peoples are having lots of diseases because of overweight. Yoga is one of the best ways to loose weight and keep fit. Our experienced Yoga instructors know several health care program related to weight loss.

We have several diet plans and health training programs for weight loss;

Diet charts are made according to the weight, age and height of the students;

For the beginning we must know the weight, age, and height of the students, then we start to develop a suitable diet charts for the students;


Hatha Yoga is to breathe yogaly when practicing postures

Yoga is a lifestyle

Yoga is to relax and back to nature.

Yoga is to focus and enjoy yourself.

You can yoga anytime and anywhere once you have yoga attitude.

The Story of Pacific Garden

太平花园,现在的陕西北路470弄,英文名为Pacific Garden, 建造于1910年,西摩路。西摩路就是现在的陕西北路,也就是《色.戒》中的静安寺路西摩路。


The Story of Samoy Road



Shankha Prakshalana/Intestines Cleansing Private Yoga Class on Promotion Now!

Shankha Prakshalana Yoga is one of the ancient Kriya yoga methods. Shankha is for cleaning the entire digestive system.
-Shankha Prakshalana will purify your body effectively, cut your weight intensively and improve the shape of your body.
-Quite lot of water and yoga postures will wash away the old left over stuff in your digestive organs and purify your blood getting rid of toxins in the circulation system. This will make you skin smother, especially the skin on your face, and improve your dry and dark skin into more flexible and shining skin
-Shankha Prakshalana will effectively and physically clean the digestive system; get rid of left-overs, gas and old stuff.
-A series of stretching and tensing bending postures will greatly improve your circulation so that all your cells and organs will get much more nutrition. This also pushes toxins out of your body.


Jing an

Changhua Studio:
1002, 10th floor,
Shenyin Developement buiding #1,
327 Wuding road,
Jing An district, Shanghai
Tel:+8621 5213 8366

Pudong / Lujiazui

Lujiazui Studio:
2381, 38th floor, tower 2,
Ruiyuan building,
3rd Pudong Avenue,
Lujiazui, Pudong district, Shanghai. Tel:+8621 5010 6269

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